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  • On the same track?

    Multinaltionals operating in Latin America fared way better than their local counterparts. While the Latin 500 - which comprises local and foreign companies, decreased their revenues by 4.5% in 2013, multinationals managed to increase them by 1.9% in the same period.

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  • Revamping Customs Processes is Key to Stimulating Trade Growth in Latin America

    International trade and access to global markets are key factors contributing to economic growth and business opportunity throughout the world. They are especially beneficial in developing regions like Latin America and the Caribbean.

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  • Kroton, the best company in the region

    It should not come as a surprise: this year’s best company in Latin Trade’s Latin American ranking is Brazilian education giantKroton.With a $9.8 billion market capitalization and 1.2 million students last year, Kroton became the world’s largest for-profit education company by market value and by registerednumber of students.

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A look at the new world

New areas of opportunity, new trends, the impact of millennials. Latin America, from the vantage point of Osvaldo V. Librizzi, co-president of the Americas for Starwood, and Craig Smith, president for the Caribbean and Latin America at Marriott.

Best performers in Latin America

Four companies from Brazil, Mexico and Chile are the best performers in the first ranking released by Latin Trade.

Nicaragua's grand question

Weeks before construction is set to begin on Nicaragua’s $50 billion canal project, a cloud of doubt still hovers over the plan’s commercial feasibility. The canal should let through giantcontainer ships, and Very Large Crude Carriers, but is there enough demand for this water-route?

Latin Infrastructure Guide 2014

Latin Business Chronicle compiles information on two dozen projects open for bidding, that are worth $36 billion.

Tech and traditional, global and national – how Coca-Cola finds the perfect combination in LatAm

Selman Careaga, VP Marketing for Coca Cola Mexico discusses the company’s marketing strategy in Latin America.

The Top 50 retailers

After a bleak 2013, Wal-Mart will probably recover in Mexico. Challenges for retailers in the region.

Marina, better than Lula. Dilma, minister of everything

Huge challenges for next Brazilian president, in a conflictive economic panorama.

Paving the Way for Growth in Latin America

Juan N. Cento, Regional President FedEx Express Latin America and Caribbean Division, explores the impact of infrastructure on a country’s economy and intra-regional and global competitiveness.

Opportunities in the healthcare industry

Expenditure and technology adoption have been growing fast in the healthcare industry in Latin America. These trends open new possibilities for entrepreneurs.Interview with Henk de Jong, CEO of Philips Latin America.

Emilio Botín: the Man, the Legacy

The world of banking and finance lost a giant, Emilio Botín, chairman of Banco Santander and Spain’s most influential business leader.

IMF on LatAm: “Good macro, bad micro”

The International Monetary Fund believes that Latin America’s overall economic performance in 2015 will be better than 2014, but warns that “here is a lot of downside risk to current predictions.

Infrastructure in Brazil: How Brazil’s BNDES Used Project Finance to Fund the 2014 FIFA World Cup

S&P evaluates how the Brazil is innovating project finance to fund its mega-projects.

Argentina 2015:Political changes and infrastructure to build

Politicians from the governing party and opposition shared their views on the future of the country at an AS/COA conference in Buenos Aires.

Growing risk of legal abuses in Latin America

A recent report from the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform warns of a growing risk of litigation in Latin America.

Retail and steel lost their stride

In a sort of tone deafness to domestic conditions, these industries seem to be decreasing their revenues more than the region’s demand conditions would indicate. Results of the Latin Trade’s 2Q14 Multilatina Index.

A lukewarm quarter for MNCs

The MNC Index falls in the second quarter, a reflection of the cooling of economic growth in key markets, as well as weakening currencies in the region.

Mexico’s Energy Reform Explained

Two lawyers from Baker & McKenzie look at the specifics of Mexico’s energy reforms, and opportunities for diverse sectors.

Top Businesswomen 2014

LBC presents its annual list of the Top 50 Businesswomen operating in or with Latin America for 2014.

Dilma’s strength

Elections Brazil 2014

A new environment for banks

Will Latin American banks need more regulation? An exclusive interview with Georges Ugeux,Columbia University professor and author of the book, “International Finance Regulation: The Quest for Financial Stability.”

Trade in the Americas

Major trends and opportunities open to U.S.exporters to Latin America. U.S.-Latin trade report.

A plan for a comeback

While global news focuses on Blackberry’s decline, in Latin America it’s a different story.

The Colombian takeoff

Since the opening of its new terminal in 2012, Bogota’s El Dorado international airport has become one of the fastest growing airports in Latin America.

A fresh start for the Brazilian electoral campaign?

Eduardo Campos’ tragic death on August 13th has shifted the goal posts in the presidential race. Marina Silva is a tough challenger to the establishment. “Don’t give up”, say his supporters.

Xerox: more than just printing

LBC sat down with Xerox’s CTO Sophie Vandebroek to learn about the company’s innovation and progress – especially in Latin America.

Cartes: One Year Later

While the president has done much to improve the investment climate, much remains to be done.

Peru: Tourism Growth Champion

LBC’s latest Latin Tourism Index shows Peru experienced the strongest y.o.y. growth in tourist arrivals in 2013.

The Top 10 Growth Markets In Latin America

What are the hottest products selling in Latin America?

Colombia’s Juan Váldez begins push to U.S. market

In the same week that Starbucks opened in Colombia, Juan Váldez began operations in Miami.

No growth, big profits

The 100 biggest banks in the region did not increase their total assets in 2013, but reported a 7.6% increase in net revenues. The reasons behind this financial paradox.

What Foreign Contractors Should Know About Working in Latin America

Infrastructure development in Latin America provides exciting opportunities – but what risks should potential builders be aware of?

Cheryl McDowell: The Role of the CFO Is Evolving

The Vice President of Finance & Operations, Latin America at Oracle sat down with LBC to discuss her view on the changing position of the CFO, and her experiences with professional development.

A disconnection in the industry

Despite growth opportunities, top tech and telecom companies are losing financial ground in the region.

Land fever  

While the real estate market in the United States is attracting Latin Americans, some American investors are starting to park their money in Latin American cities.

Flight Patterns

Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron weighs in on growth strategies, consolidation and the importance of a strong hub

Why CFOs Should Help Set Company Strategy

It's time to change the way we think about CFOs—and the way they think about themselves.

The time to look South

Collectively, emerging markets will remain the biggest source of growth for decades, a BCG report says.

Are the Canadians losing interest?

Canada-Latin Trade is declining by the year, what can Latin America do to gain back interest?

BRICs 2.0 and their baptism by fire

If the expected growth of any of the BRICs comes to a halt, their institutions will be put on the spot, and there will be uncertainties.

The 50 largest energy companies

2013 was a year to forget,but perhapsa good incentive to begin the task of improving business efficiency.

Where did remittances go?

Remittances continued to grow slowly this year – a sign of slow pick-up in developed economies.

Latin Tax hells

Brazil once again ranks at the bottom of our Tax Index for another year.

Mitigating Corruption Risk: How can business protect itself?

Doing business in Latin America exposes multi-national companies so significant risk of corruption. What steps can businesses take to protect themselves?

Can Mexico Keep up the Tide of Reform?

LBC spoke with CEO of Bancomext, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero about Mexico’s economy, reforms, and aspirations.

Changes in the Role of the CFO: the view from Mexico

LBC spoke with two CFOs at our CFO Forum in Mexico City to get their insight on this topic.

Technology Changing the Mexican Market

The Mexican financial market is going through a period of technological changes and is set to see a dynamic year.LBC spoke with Jorge Alegría, CEO of Mexican Derivatives Exchange, MexDer, about what CFOs should expect in the near future, as well as the latest developments in the markets.

Korea-LatAm Trade: Korea Eyes the Pacific Alliance

New statistics from LBC show that almost half of South Korea’s trade occurs with the Pacific Alliance, a group the Asian country has highlighted as a priority.

Japan-LatAm Trade: On the up

Trade between Latin America and the world’s third-largest economy continued to grow in 2013, driven by stronger growth in Japan.

Addressing Latin America’s Gender Inequality through Business: WEConnect

LBC sat down with WEConnect’s Elizabeth Vazquez to discuss how the organization works, and why supporting women-owned small business is important – and good for business.

“Brazil is not for beginners”

Brazil’s former Secretary of Foreign Trade WelberBarral talks about how his country makes doing business a challenge.

Bachelet at 100 Days: Has she delivered?

Bachelet will mark 100 days in office on Thursday. Has she delivered the promises of her campaign?

Could Argentina be heading for a second fault?

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Argentina’s appeal in its battle with holdout credits. Is the country headed for a second default?

Give peace a chance: Colombians head to the polls

Colombia’s election on Sunday will determine how and whether the peace process with the FARC moves forward.

China-Latin American Trade: An end to the good old days

Year over year trade with China is slowing, but there are still some regional success stories.

Mexican PPPs: A Model for Latin America?  

A recently passed investment law for PPPs in Mexico should drive the infrastructure sector, and help it grow the country's economy.

Latin America 2014: A Mixed Bag So Far

There are reasons to be optimistic about Latin America this year – but temper that optimism.

Is slow growth Latin America’s new normal?

World Bank economist Augusto de la Torre warns it might be, but that the region has built a “better immune system” to absorb international shocks.

Latin America’s Investment Stars

LBC takes a look at how each country in the region fairs in attracting foreign investment.

Millicom: from mobile provider to digital lifestyle company

LBC spoke with Millicom’s Martin Lewerth, Executive Vice President for Home and Digital Media about the company’s transition into providing new services.

Could sanctions on Venezuela hurt U.S. business?

The U.S. House of Representatives passed sanctions against the government of Venezuela. LBC explores how it would affect business in the United States.

Techtrends: The e-commerce explosion

Online retailers and old-fashioned storefronts turn to easy-to-use platforms, mobile apps and cross-border trade to compete for swelling e-commerce sales.

Top 10 Companies to Watch

LBC takes a look at the top 10 companies in Latin America, which offer the best return on investment in the last five years.

“Capital will be scarce in the coming years”

Majorchanges are coming to the banking industry, said Roberto Setubal, CEO of ItaúUnibanco, the largest bank in the Southern hemisphere. He shared with Latin Trade his view of a world with costlier capital and with no advantages to being a global bank.

How SMEs can benefit from foreign direct investment

What benefits do FDI offer Latin America’s SMEs?

Latin Hotel Index: Accor, Starwood See Gains

The two chains saw gains in their stature in Latin America this year.

Multilatina Index: LATAM Airlines climbs 33 percent

The new merger between LAN and TAM saw its 2013 revenues grow 33 percent – though they were down for the quarter.

MNC Index: Millicom leads for growth

The Swedish telecoms giant led growth in Latin America this quarter and in 2013.

A tale of two BRICS

While the economics may no longer be strong, the BRICS are increasingly a powerful force in international relations.

How Does Latin America Manage Quality Improvement?

ASQ looks at quality improvement in Brazil and Mexico and shares its insights.

Panamanian Election: A Referendum on Martinelli

Citizens of the region’s fastest growing economy will elect their next president in Sunday in an election that has largely been read as a referendum on the current leader.

How Safe are Mexico's Border Cities for Business Travelers?

Cities along the nation's U.S. border have become markedly safer during the past couple of years, but the recent arrest of a drug lord could precipitate more violence.

Best to Invest: Latin America 2014

LBC looks at which countries provide the safest climate for investment this year.

Women, business and the law:  how do legal restrictions affect women in business?

A new report by the World Bank presents key findings in legislation that continues to restrict women’s economic opportunities in 143 countries.

Steering the course for Odebrecht: Marcela Drehmer’s steady hand

LBC spoke with Odebrecht CFO Marcela Drehmer at Latin Trade’s CFO Event in São Paulo.

What will be the challenges for a CFO in the next decade?

AkzoNobel’sRogerioMenezes weighs in on how he sees a CFO’s role evolving.

Amid Regional Declines, Mexican CFOs Remain Optimistic

A year ago Latin American CFOs were the most optimistic in the world, but that positivity has been tempered, says John Graham of Duke University.

New resources for SMEs in the hemisphere

Learn more about Latin Trade Group’s Connect Americas event, to be held in September with the IDB.

Security Index: Venezuela is the Most Dangerous Country in Latin America

Venezuela has replaced Haiti as the most dangerous country in Latin America in this year’s Security Index.

Calm seas for shippers in Latin America?

Maersk CEO Robbert Jan van Trooijen tells LBC what to expect from shipping this year.

Venezuela: One year after Maduro, what’s next?

NicolásMaduro was elected to the presidency one year ago. How do we take stock of his one-year, and what’s next?

Environment vs. Economy: the Hydropower Debate in Latin America

Hydropower has been the traditional route for clean power generation in Latin America, but environmental concerns have given rise to public opposition.

Reemerging Markets

Productivity and innovation will be the true markers of success in the new global economy.

Latin America sees Trade Deficit with Europe for Another Year

After years of trade surpluses, Latin America now imports more from Europe than it sends back. Trade volumes fell 5.5 percent over 2012.

A Milestone Year for Latin America Private Equity

Private equity and venture capital continues to boom in Latin America, with 2013 a record year in many countries.

Has Brazil’s downgrade already been priced in?

Is the market indifferent to S&P’s downgrade?

Brazil: “A natural partner for the United States”

LBC spoke with U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde about U.S.-Brazilian relationsand opportunities for business.

Fedex HealthCare Solutions, a hot debate requires a cold chain solution

As extreme temperature conditions become a logistic challenge, FedEx HealthCare Solutions apply science and innovation to its transportation processes

Spain’s law firms go it alone in Latin America

Spain’s largest law firm broke its ties with a local firm to go solo in the region. The other law firms are following suit. What are their strategies?

Sustainable cities in Latin America, a challenge or an opportunity?

Can sensible planning and better governance keep Latin American cities from falling through the cracks of social inclusion?

Protecting reputation in international supply chains

Risks in international trade and supply chains can be managed through careful planning and vetting, say experts.

Empresas ICA: Ready to tackle Mexico’s infrastucture

LBC spoke with ICA CFO Victor Bravo Martín about how the company will take advantage of this exciting time for Mexico.

What are Brazilians buying this year?

Find out what consumers in Latin America’s largest consumer market will be buying this year.

Technisys: offering clients multi-channel banking experience

MultilatinaTechnisys is making waves among the region’s financial institutions

Andbank’s international push

Andorra’s oldest private bank is undertaking an international expansion aimed at the United States and Latin America.

Latin America’s Richest: Billionaires  2014

The combined wealth of the region’s richest fell 8.4 percent last year.

CFO of Bio Pappel: “We are in Mexico for the long-term”

LBC spoke with Bio Pappel CFO MayelaRincón about her company’s plans for the near future.

Business Implications of El Salvador and Costa Rica Votes

LBC looks at what to expect in the two countries after recent elections.

Measuring social impact, a necessary approach in philanthropy

Traditionally, donors had limited information to make difficult giving decisions. New trends in the way social cause organizations measure their impact is now helping donors get more “bang for the buck.”

Discussions with our Top Businesswomen

LBC spoke with eight of our Top Businesswomen on what advice they would give women in the workplace, and what they wish they had known starting out.

Latin America: instability at home and abroad

While the Ukraine crisis has made headlines around the world in the past weeks, instability in Venezuela and Argentina also has an impact on Latin America’s economies – starting with Brazil.

Chedraui CFO Contreras: “The Mexican Retail Sector is Changing”

Contreras spoke to LBC about his industry’s challenges and opportunities at Latin Trade’s CFO event in Mexico City. He was awarded CFO of the Year.

NAFTA at 20: a Discussion with Canada, Mexico, and the United States

LBC talked with top officials from the three NAFTA countries on what the trade agreement has achieved in 20 years, and what could be done to make it stronger.

Venezuelan Trade with the United States down 19 percent in 2013

LBC’s statistics on U.S.-Latin Trade evidence the strength of the Mexico-U.S. trade relationship, and that trade with Venezuela has continued to fall.

A New Era of Talent

Technology and globalization have changed the way people, companies, and countries specialize.

Latin America’s Top 50 Retailers

Revenues up 20 percent over previous year as companies ride consumer boom.

The Keys to Latin American Growth

A panel of experts agree female empowerment, entrepreneurship, and physical activity are the key factors in promoting growth

The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Win-Win for the United States and Canada

The United States would do well to move forward on the project.

After strong 2013 growth, SAP places bets on 2014

Sales of cloud technology saw triple-digit growth

Emerging markets: the great reckoning

As pessimism grows around emerging markets, how will Latin America fare?

Oi’s Acquisition of Portugal Telecom: Top M&A of 2013

Petrobras also unloaded more than $4 billion in assets.

Samsung offers B2B solutions for the modern enterprise

LBC spoke with Samsung Latin America’s Marcelo Zuccas about opportunities in B2B

Samsung unveils new product line for Latin America

The Korean company presented its new line at their Samsung Latin Forum this month

Colombia: a new frontier for private equity

Despite challenges of financing and scale, the Andean country provides opportunities for investment.

Argentina: the accordion country

Brazil has much to learn from its neighbor to avoid following the same path.

2014 Corporate Outlook

LBC provides the profit and revenue forecasts of 50 large Latin American companies.

Latin American Cities Must Learn to Access Global Financing

Helping cities to finance infrastructure is a major challenge

Olam International: a decade of maximizing Latin America’s potential

Trust, cultural understanding and investment in local communities are the strategic factorsAsian businesses to succeed in Latin America

Latin Education Index 2013

Which countries do the best at giving their citizens a head start?

FedEx Ship Manager Lite, an easy shipping solution for SMEs in Latin America

Shipments can now be easily processed in Latin America and the Caribbean through a user-friendly online tool from FedEx Express

What’s in store for Paraguay in 2014?

An interview with Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister for Industry and Commerce

Costa Rica and El Salvador elections head to run-off

Both countries are involved in tight elections, and will most likely go to a run-off, say analysts.

Brazil vs. Davos 2014: what’s the result?

Dilma presented a favorable view of her country at Davos. But does she have what it takes to deliver the promise?

Latin Entrepreneur Index 2014

Our index evaluates the easiest places to start and grow a business in Latin America

Maersk opens dedicated Americas-specific line

SeaLand will better address customers’ needs in north-south trade

Latin Infrastructure Guide 2014

A guide to the region’s major concessions for 2014

The risk of a “selfie” in Davos

Which Brazil will Dilma present this week?

Small companies in Latin America: a lack of innovation

How Miami is becoming a hub for innovation.

The global competition among elites

Innovation in a country’s industry is more important than ever for economic success.

LBC 2014 Outlook: All Eyes on Mexico and Brazil

Read LBC’s predictions on what will happen in the region this year.

A Lesson from Chinese-Argentine Relations

What does Argentina’s interactions with China teach the region about the Asian giant?

Angélica Fuentes: Empowering Women is Key to Sustainable Growth

Speaking with LBC at the Clinton Global Initiative in Rio de Janeiro, the CEO of Omnilife discusses her efforts to improve women’s well-being in Latin America.

CEMEX-Neoris: a partnership in innovation and efficiency

The Mexican IT giant helped the global cement company centralize systems, giving them more effective and efficient operations.

SAP: Latin America is an exciting an innovative market

CFO for SAP Americas Peter David talks with LBC about the opportunities in the region.

Latin America’s Top 10 CFOs of 2013

The names on our list head some of the best-performing companies in Latin America.

Powerful Lessons from the Mexican Government’s Shift to Electronic Payments

The government saves $1.27 billion a year by using new technology.

BBVA Optimistic for Latin America in 2014

The bank sees growth in consumer credit and energy reforms as bright spots.

Bachelet: Chile’sPresident Again

In her second term the president has promised better quality public services.

CFO Miami

December 6, 2013

MNC Index: Let’s Go USA!

Amid a landscape of declines, U.S.-based companies generally performed well.

Multilatina Index: Food & Beverage rule the roost

Meanwhile, industrial and oil companies continued to see declines.

China, Russia, India, and the Venezuelan Petroleum Industry

PDVSA is increasingly beholden to foreign oil companies to keep up production. Is it sustainable?

Sakura Tech invests in its Latin Future

Singapore’s Sakura Tech has seen the potential of Latin America. It opened its first manufacturing plant in Brazil.

Center for Livable Cities: stronger and sustainable cities for better trade relations

The success of Asian-Latin American trade depends on its ability to maximize competitive synergies.

Argentina, Brazil lead declines in Latin Labor Index

Increased difficulty in hiring new employees was the main factor in the declines.

Mexico’s tax reform: a guide

Latin Business Chronicle spoke with Alfredo Álvarez and Enrique Pérez Grovas from Ernst and Young at the Latin Trade CFO Forum in Mexico City.

The challenges ahead: Mexico

Mexico continues to move toward the center of the global economic stage, but the day to day realities of business in the country create challenges that require informed and disciplined leadership.

Honduras elects new president

The new leader will have to tackle the world’s highest murder rate, but should restore fiscal discipline.

Peru’s agricultural boom

Agricultural exports have grown eightfold in the past decade.

Iran and its Proxies--A Growing Security Threat in Latin America

Does the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism pose a threat to the region’s security?

Grupo Kaybee: pioneers of Latin trade

Education and infrastructure are the keys to boosting economic and trade relations between Asia and Latin America

Chile: Globalization star

Chile is the region’s only large economy to make the top 10. Mexico also shines.

Venezuela on the brink

The country’s political and economic systems are facing increasing challenges.

Managing a complex region while maintaining quality

Starbucks CFO for Latin America and the Caribbean Carlos Mario Estefan highlights the importance of relationships in doing business.

Back to Bachelet?

How will Bachelet's second presidency differ from her first?

Guatemala shines in Ease of Doing Business

The country jumped 14 places over last year and is one of the top 5 most improved economies.

Latin America’s Rising Stars of Legal

The 25 names on our list are lawyers to keep an eye on in the region’s legal sphere.

Olam International: a decade of maximizing Latin America’s potential

Trust, cultural understanding and investment in local communities are the strategic factorsfor Asian businesses to succeed in Latin America.

Latin America’s new trade routes

Increasingly, cross border commerce is being facilitated through the internet.

Panama leads 2013 Infrastructure Index

Despite improvements to ease of importing and exporting, Mexico dropped in the ranking.

As Argentines head to the polls, don’t expect change

Experts consulted by LBC believe the government will lose seats in Congress, but that policy change is unlikely.

Mexican Pensions the stars of Top 100 Pension Funds

Growth in Mexican pension funds outpaced those of other countries and has driven gains in the country’s stock market.

Consortium wins bid in Brazil's oilfield auction

A Petrobras strike and poor participation among major oil companies set clouds over the country’s largest auction of pre-salt fields since their discovery in 2007.

A sweet future

Mars, makers of M&Ms, Snickers and Milky Way, launches astrategy to raiseconsumption of its products in the region,while supporting cocoa producers.

Latin America and the Cloud

LBC speaks with IBM’s Worldwide Cloud Leader for Banking & Financial Markets David Zimmerman about the potential for cloud technology for Latin America’s business.

Status Update: How are Latin American companies using social media?

A new study from Tata Consulting Services shows Latin American companies gain a larger ROI from social media than companies elsewhere.

Google develops contest for Latin America’s developers

The contest will challenge the region’s developers to make innovative apps with Google software to improve the workings of SMEs.

Colombia: A rural dilemma

The Colombian government is in a bind. It will have to decide if it supports large agricultural enterprises, small family farms, or find a reasonable way to make them coexist.

Latin America’s Best 100 Companies 2013

The 100 companies on our list come from six countries, largely dominated by the Pacific economies.

Latin Trade Group proud to present its annual Latin Trade Symposium

The annual event will precede our 19th annual BRAVO Business Awards. begins service in Latin America

Company is expanding to seven countries and expects global revenue growth of over 40 percent this year.

Brazil’s economy: more disappointments

Moody’s downgraded Brazil, the latest rating agency to express concern for the country’s performance.

Latin America’s middling human capital development scores

The region ranks fourth globally for human capital development.

Latin Business Chronicle Infrastructure Guide 2013

Our annual guide to the region’s major upcoming infrastructure bids.

Mexico the newest magnet for private equity

A recent survey by Lavca and Coller Capital shows investor enthusiasm there outpacing Brazil.

Toyota revs up for Brazil sales

Auto sales grew 80 percent in the first half of this year.

Latin American GDP Growth Stats 2011-15

Panama, Paraguay, and Peru will be the region’s growth champions for the near future. Brazil should outperform Mexico.

A sweet spot in U.S.-Latin American trade

In an exclusive interview with LBC, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State José W. Fernandez discussed why this is an exciting time for U.S.-Latin American trade.

Latin American retail stays strong

The region’s retail sector saw the strongest growth this sector, but oil and gas brings in the highest revenues.